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Lyrics Born – As You Were

From the onset forward, As You Were (Decon Records) strikes with anthems of frustration and breakthrough; and this is accurately Lyrics Born’s intention with this new album: a documentation of overcoming indecision in a world where “the global economy shit its pants” and the record industry was in flux (and Lyrics Born has hence ditched two labels).

His self-diagnosed attention deficit disorder forced him to create records that dashed the hopes of some of his fans (“…I just can’t make the same album over and over again.”)

In addition, human as we are, LB has dealt with a roller-coaster of personal shit; though thankfully not all bad. He’s happily and thankfully in love and has a bouncing baby boy to cherish.

While stylistically As You Were hits with braggadocio club-bangers, lyrically it resounds around difficulty, disappointment, challenge begetting resolve and triumph. He delivers with solid, assured flow over easily danceable tracks on openers “Kontrol Freak” and “I Wanna B W/U,” and transitions easily into fuck you songs, tirades against assholes and the world’s innate unfairness.

As a general thread, As You Were seems like an old-school mix-tape, with songs that bleed into each other, variation on a theme (“Lies X3” is listed as track 7 and the next track listing on the cover is 10; though there are clearly different-yet-similar tracks 7, 8 and 9).

Ultimately, Lyrics Born produced exactly what he intended with this album. By As You Were, he didn’t mean to infer a return to days of old, in so much as an ongoing reminder to stay aware of and convicted to thy self. Finally realizing Mobile Home Recordings as an entity, he was able to partner with the labels he wanted and did things with As You Were exactly his way.

Closing note:  listening to this through headphones on the treadmill makes us think one constant thought: “I bet this would be a REALLY fun live performance.”

UPDATE: Amp Live (one half of Zion I) remixed Lyrics Born’s “Lies x 3” from As U Were. This Bay Area collab is yours for the taking here: 

Lyrics Born – Lies x 3 (Amp Live Remix)



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