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The Legendary Pink Dots – The Whispering Wall

On the verge of their 25th year of mind expansion and musical exploration, The Legendary Pink Dot’s release is probably their most accessible and definitely their most fun album in recent years. The Whispering Wall opens with a brooding keyboard line in “Soft Toy,” as Edward Ka-Spel, The Silverman and company stick to the Dot’s formula of dark music and light lyrics, seemingly about a blow up sex doll.


Much of the disc has a desolate carnival-at-the-end-of-the-world feel. “Dominic” infuses what sounds like demented calliope music (is there any other kind?) into their apocalyptic psychedelia. Yet some songs are just plain cute. “Dominic’s” opening line of “Let’s make an omelette out of egghead” is absolutely irresistible. “For Sale” has a wonderfully bouncy keyboard line very reminiscent of Stereolab, with great saxophone phrases that David Lynch would describe as “sounding like large chunks of plastic,” and “Peek-a-boo”—the name really say it all…fun.

Long time fans will already have this disc…but if you’ve been curious about the band, The Whispering Wall is a great introduction to this seriously legendary group.

The Legendary Pink Dots will perform tonight, Friday, July 2, at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. Doors open at 8:00; show starts at 9:00. Locals Orbit Service opens. This is an all ages show. For more information, visit


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