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Le Concorde – Universe and Villa

Very predictable and repetitive music with English lyrics from a French doctor who checked out the indie scene, and decided he wanted to make something real. Some intros are a little off-key or minor, and some outros are punctuated by un-trippy electronics, but otherwise, this essentially sounds like it was written in the 70’s – 80’s.


Tracks like “Little Stabs at Happiness” and “I Will Go to My Grave Wanting You to Love Me” (oof!) could have a brief moment on the O.C. or “Life as We Know It” soundtrack, but otherwise… A few interesting harmonic vocal layers don’t save the tedium of this record, which is dominated by Carol King piano and woven with occasional (but not occasional enough) Stevie Wonder harmonica breaths and Huey Lewis sax squeals.

Your mom might like this. A few indie-rockers out there will too; but I’ve never understood those cats either.

p.s. The album closes with a resounding truth titled “I Hate Rock And Roll.”


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