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Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes

Land of Talk, the name, may be in reference to the internal dialogue of lead singer Lizzie Powell. Boldly and beautifully releasing all of the conversations she’s had with herself through song, Powell’s problems, ideas, and conflicts seem to be contrasted by the innocence and clarity of her vocals.


Montreal, Canada is home to this three piece band. Though its members rarely see home since the release of their debut EP, Applause Cheer Boo Hiss, they did find the time to stop and record their second release, Some Are Lakes. While this second album may not be a departure from their original sounds, it is the opinion of many that departure was not necessary, nor wanted.

Some Are Lakes is a diverse arrangement of songs from solemn (“Troubled”) to spastic (“Give Me Back My Heart Attack”). The album is recorded in such a way that one would never guess Land of Talk is a three-piece band. Their sound is full, rich, and layered in such a way that there is no need for a fourth member. Land of Talk has been categorized as Anti-Folk Basement Rock, but this is the type of band that begs its listeners to leave behind pre-determined genres and categories and think for themselves.

While the group has had their fill of mishaps, including several changes in band members, they’ve put together a final dynamic trio. Currently, Land of Talk is on tour for the release of this album and will be playing Larimer Lounge on Saturday, November 15. Be sure to see them and spread the word about this, already, word-of-mouth marketed, innovative band. You won’t be disappointed.


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