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Kelli*Said – This is a Demonstration

Denver’s Kelli*Said started out in 2001 with Kelli Wolf and Keith Schneider, the band’s guitarist and programmer as the duo songwriting team. Influenced by some of the darker new wave of the ‘80s ala Souixi and Banchees and The Cure, but with less wave and more melodic rock structures, the band is now getting out of the practice space and onto the stages with their new This Is A Demonstration release.


Kelli’s vocals instantly remind me of Dark Orchid’s Tonya Nolan with that smoky, sultry, goth-like cape, especially with a backdrop of darkness on “Land Me Here”. Where the band seems to pull in all their elements – from Keith’s programming to Rel’s bass works, is on “Seems Strange”, which shows the highest level of energy from all four players, including Bill Dassler on drums.

The CD release party for “This Is A Demonstration” takes place this Friday, November 28 at the Soiled Dove – and for Denver music fans who are regular patrons of the Dove, this is perfect place for Kelli*Said style of music to its entrance. I can expect them to receive a warm welcome from the Dove crowd, guaranteed.


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