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KBuzz Video of the Day – Metronomy “The Look”

Metronomy - The Look


Metronomy kicks off our new feature, KBuzz Video of the Day, which will feature spanking new and unique music videos we feel deserve a look and listen, along with old favorites, the weird, the funny, the ingenious, or the just plain stupid. As we all know from reality TV, stupid can be entertaining too in a “laughing at you not with you” sort of way.

With a sprite track fitting for the warmer weather that’s begun to invade our skin cells, Metronomy releases a new music video for “The Look,” the first teaser single off their forthcoming album, The English Riviera, set for release on April 11.

On the band’s YouTube channel, frontman Joseph Mount reveals the inspiration behind the album as a fantastical version of the place where he grew up; The English Riviera created through aural aspects of the seaside. On “The Look,” he envisioned “little carousels and little kind of organs,” creating the simple yet incessant “earworm” keyboard riff that contrasts the spacious elements of the song.

Adding to the levity of the track is the endearing little birds brought to life through stop motion animation artistry, carrying out a story all their own, from pecking apart a cell phone to going balls out in a bumper car race.

If you like this video, you might also enjoy “Last Leaf” by OK Go involving artistic creations made with toast, or the brilliant video that takes yarn art to a whole new level, “Walkie Talkie Man” directed by Michel Gondry for Steriogram.


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