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Just Surrender – If These Streets Could Talk

Just Surrender’s debut full length is set to be released July 12, and even though it isn’t anything earth-shattering or life-changing, they’ve created some works that are just solid enough to be a worthy addition to anyone’s pop-punk collection without leading to complete and utter boredom. There are hints of Armor for Sleep, Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance and Further Seems Forever all mixed into this album, yet it manages to maintain an obvious sense of individuality that sets it apart from the aforementioned bands.


Lyrically, these guys have pinpointed the typical topics like lost love, lies and heartache, but have written about these human trails in a new and fresh way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you just finished chewing someone else’s gum. Vocally, they’ve nailed the dual vocalist, harmonized and synchronized ups and downs that make this style of music so easy to listen to. They’re confident and strong, yet soft and sincere. can be credited for the quick increase in popularity for Just Surrender, and even though this is only their debut album, the group is already showing some serious potential.


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