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Ilya – Poise Is The Greater Architect

Deep within the ocean front city of San Diego simmers the sounds of Ilya, taking inspiration from the shades of twilight and glimmering ocean after the sun has rested for the evening. Having run with the Primal Scream, American Analog Set, and Black Heart Procession touring crowd, concertgoers who may not have heard of them had to have been more than pleased that they got there in time for the opening band.


With captivating vocals that bring out a Bjork familiarity, Blanca Rojas spreads the velvety blanket down, allowing abstract instrumental textures to do their slowdance, much in the trip-hop rhythm style of Portishead or Massive Attack. “Rana” glides with sporadic, raw percussion and tinkling ivories; stark poetry and alluring effects pulsate on “Blatchford”; while pop expands into an artistic, electronic journey on “Disturbed”.

Like a fine bottle of wine, open up Ilya and let it breath, drinking in and taking note of the subtle flavors that together, make for a listening experience that is more than pleasing to the palate.

Ilya plays Thursday, July 17 at Larimer Lounge in Denver.


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