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Hindershot – It’s Only Blood – Hot Congress

Hindershot - It's Only Blood - Hot Congress

I was wondering when the hell this was going to happen. Hindershot is FINALLY releasing its debut EP, It’s Only Blood. This is a poke but one with the warmest of wishes and admiration, and I’m highly pleased that the tracks that hooked me last year have now found a home in my iTunes favorites playlist.

At the 2010 Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (UMS) was the first I’d heard Hindershot, and within the confines of a store morphed into a live music stage you could say the boys blew the tanks right off the racks.

Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Stuart Confer, gets the panties in a bunch to hit the high notes on “The Mark,” working beautifully with the saunter of the guitar lines and high hat percussion, while also showing off his vocal range.

Although I’m still not clear on the meaning of the lyrical metaphors behind “Twisted Tongue,” it’s irrelevant when the speedy, surf-esque lead guitars meet the rhythm guitar bridge, making the heart skip in a good way.

Hindershot - UMS 2010

Of the four tracks on It’s Only Blood, “Not Ready To Go” has to be Hindershot’s shining star, with a melody that swirls around the ears like a furry love snake. It would definitely be a “good day” track for “Steve Lamacq’s Good Day Bad Day” on BBC 6 Music.

When Hindershot plays these songs live is when they really come to life, filling the room (or store) with the kind of indie rock crack that sinks deep into your skin and makes you feel like your cells are dancing.

So okay guys. Don’t make us wait another year for the Hindershot full-length. I know we all have lives and jobs and need to make that 2-hour stop at Cosco, but come on. It isn’t nice to keep your fans jonzin’ this way.

Hindershot’s It’s Only Blood 7”Record Release Party crashes the Achille Lauro Beach Party (beach attire requested…I’ve seen boys wearing shorts in snowy weather in Colorado, so this shouldn’t be stretch for y’all) with Tommy Metz and Ken Arkind on Saturday, February 26 at Hi-Dive (21+ $8).


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