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Elkland – Apart EP

Get ready hipsters, there’s a new kid in town. The single “Apart” from Elkland has hit the streets, teasing us with a taste of what’s to come off their full-length debut Golden, which is due out on Columbia Records in May. Thankfully for us, they chose to make a name change from Goat Explosion to the town where Jon Pierce (vocals) and his brother Jessie (drums) both grew up, otherwise we could easily mistake them for a metal band, and that would be bad.


The N.Y. foursome does travel through the town of Omaha with synthpop sparkplugs firing their way, and then takes a sharp turn down New Order Avenue before hitting The Cure Expressway, but Jon’s vocals and unique harmonies allow them to forge their own highway. Although “Every Time You Tell Me That You Love Me” is said to be Jon’s favorite song and is reminiscent of the moods on The Cure’s classic, Disintegration, the lyrical vibe is just a little too sappy. The creepy tones of “Salvation” is much more preferred, made beautiful by his warm expressions, or on the lively side of life,“I Think I Hate Her.”

Aside from the single “Apart” and the aformentioned “…Love Me,” this EP contains tracks that are exclusive to this particular release, including a remix of that single which, IMHO, is a perfect track for Tyler J. to throw in during his Lipgloss club set.


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