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Dura Mater/Canaveral – (Split EP) Dura Mater / Canaveral

According to the press release of San Diego’s Dura Mater, their music attempts to blend prog rock, jazz-fusion, space rock and noise. But to me, it sounds like any old lame Monday night blues jam at the local pub. The opener, “Know All Forget All” was quickly forgotten. “The Crab is Mightier than the Fish” is not nearly as interesting as the title may imply.


The overly jazzy cymbal play from Dave Hurley doesn’t compliment the dirty, late ‘60s/early ‘70s blues rock that guitarist Eric Meerman is so apparently influenced by. At just under 18 minutes, “On a High Peak of the Genesis Planet,” with its very King Crimson vocal melodies, is a test of one’s will power and patience. Also included is a cover of John McLaughlin’s “Devotion.” Outrageously self-indulgent with no pay off.


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