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Drop the Fear – Listen EP

This Denver group is collage of schooled musicians and those who resist structure and methodology, DJ pros and organic wizards, electronic scientists and stylized rock perfectionists – all rising from the emptied stage of Pure Drama and other ventures. This prelude to their upcoming full length release will more than peak your interest, and if you’d like to witness the magic in action, listen up as Drop The Fear begins to introduce music fans to their own show.


With strands of Cocteau Twins, sonic atmospheres of Chapter House, and pulses of Massive Attack, the artistic precision and innovative moves of Drop The Fear strips back the conventions of dance, synth pop and trip hop to create the next generation of electronic rock. Both the male and female vocals flow so purely and eloquently; they slide like silk through the many bewitching layers of resonating vibrations.

Drop the Fear’s international sound will definitely play a pinnacle part in growing Colorado’s urban music community. They defy the previous notion that this state and the city of Denver is full of nothing but butt-rockers. And this is only the beginning. . .


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