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Dieselboy – The Dungeonmaster’s Guide

Producers and DJs all over the world cannot deny that Dieselboy, aka Damian Higgins, is a DJ’s DJ with his flawless mixing style and storylike progressions. Now the boy returns for his eighth mix of masterful work The Dungeonmaster’s Guide on his very own US label, Human, with some of the finest drum and bass tunes to hit the record shelves.


Dieselboy has always delivered a solid dnb experience while dropping phenomenal samples and original intros to lead the path throughout the world he takes you into. This installment has the voice of a childhood favorite, “Optimus Prime,” leading the listener on the journey through the ‘Guide as if reading a past D & D game synopsis out of that tattered, old notebook under your bed.

The journey is started with “Accelerate” by Break with its haunting vocals, and percussive entwined mayhem. Songs like “Infection” by E-Sassin resonate with disturbing samples from Resident Evil, assisting with the surreal storyline of the mix. Even progressive and trance greats like BT, Sasha, Tiesto, and Dumonde are showing the extents of their amazing production skills. Sasha’s dnb remix of “Immortal” delivers for those of you out there that are still loyal to both genres of dance music. Josh Wink’s update to “Evil Acid” by Gridlok fuels crowd participation, and then it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel begins to peak through with Paul B. and Subwave’s “Remix of Flight 643” by Tiesto.

But Damian is not quite done with the story yet. The Ill Skillz remixes deliver amazing mash-ups of the two genres for the powerful conclusion with the trance infused, “Take Me Away” by Concord Dawn and the epic, “Human” by Dumonde. The second disc is loaded with six previously released selections from the Human label that will not disappoint.

Damian began dropping his science on crowds in his home state of Pennsylvania in the early 90’s and unleashed his first mix CD, Drum and Bass Selection USA in 1996. Perfecting his skills of taking his audience on a musical journey, Dieselboy has traveled the far reaches of this physical world to take his listeners into his own. And it is with great pleasure to say that I have been a fan trapped within his world since 1995 when I experienced his skills at my very first party, Ultra Brite. I have never been let down or displeased with his aural treats, tracks that have graced my ears by his hand—from last fall’s performance at Club Vinyl with Bad Company, up through The Dungeonmaster’s Guide. If you like to go on a ride when listening to a mix then definitely check this one out.

Dieselboy will be playing at Club Avalon on Saturday, May 22nd…be sure to go and roll your dice with this Dungeonmaster.


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