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Destroy Everything – Three Cheers for You

At best, Destroy Everything’s “Three Cheers For You” is a poor man’s Rancid. Backed by generic, machine-gun beats and predictable chord progressions, the nine-song disc pushes no envelopes nor raises any hopes that the future of music is any brighter. Fittingly, the notes included on the back of the CD sum it up quite sufficiently:


“This is a re-issue of a collectible, limited edition CD single 3 disc set. It is now considerably less collectible, but still better than you could do, dickhole.”

Yes, it’s true these guys were at least dedicated enough to put their wares on disc, and have thus silenced armchair artists like yours truly who think Pro Tools is a new line of Mattel toys. But does that necessarily make it worthy of purchase?

It’s clear that Destroy Everything’s tunes are meant to be heard live, thus rendering “Three Cheers For You” a suitable post-show memoir. As for anointing it with any higher praise, I’d rather spend my money on a yellow dump truck. Again, the band’s own words reveal more about the disc than any review could convey:

“Think of it as eating the leftovers before you eat the meal, or think of it simply as gift-wrapping a turd.”

Do I have to use the good wrapping paper?


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