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Deadbubbles – Frienemies

Loud, unabashed, unforgiving, relentless, rock-n-roll music; Deadbubbles are contributing to a style of music made famous by late 70’s early 80’s punk-rock. The production quality may also remind you of this era. Chalk-full of “sex, drugs, rock-n-roll” attitude, Frienemies is reminiscent of such acts as The Misfits, Dead Kennedy’s, Iggy Pop, and The International Noise Conspiracy.


If you don’t pay attention while listening, you may think the songs are ridiculously long. Unfortunately, it’s because most of the songs sound alike and run into each other, so what you thought may be one really long song could actually turn out to be two or three. There is an occasional change-up and a song may catch you by surprise, sounding nothing like its companion songs.

With lyrics like “I’ll make your momma cry” (track 9, “Song for Robert Pollard”) and “I wanna six, six, sixty-nine” (track 4, 6669), Deadbubbles may lean toward the more morbid or macabre side of punk-rock as did The Misfits. However with songs such as “Sparkle Jets” (track 3) and “Rock Solid!” (track 11), the band makes an immediate about- face and causes the suspicion of identity crisis.

If nothing else, Deadbubbles’ Frienemies will ask you to remember the once prominent genre of what is now referred to as “old-school (pre-pop) punk.”


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