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Danger Doom – The Mouse and The Mask

Two of independent hip-hops most respected heroes—Danger Mouse (deejay/ producer lifeforce) and MF Doom (MC extraordinaire and producer by day) pair up for an album experience inspired by and featuring characters from, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Others making an appearance include the chameleonic Cee-Lo, the talented Mr. Talib Kweli and the under-rated Ghostface.


But this is and will remain, a collaborative effort between two great minds, and a few off-beat characters, of course. Over sample heavy, percussion driven joints, backed by a myriad of different keystrokes and quirky sound bits, Doom and Mouse deliver on this highly anticipated release. Doom’s often odd observations, as well as his seemingly uncanny knowledge of both Saturday morning cartoons and Adult Swim programming, coupled with his nonchalant, but very confidant delivery, all ride the strange musical mix of the Mouse’s laboratory concoctions deftly – a marriage made in a twisted test tube or alternate reality where this all makes perfect sense.

Standouts include, (and this is a stretch, as the album is almost a single being to be listened to in one sitting rather than in per song doses), “Sofa King,” a power packed good time filled with punchlines; the melodic, synth heavy “Benzie Box” with Cee-Lo; and, “ATHF,” a raucous re-enactment of the Aqua Teen Hunger show that seems to be vying for a takeover of Schoolly D’s apt and raunchy theme song. “Old School,” with its Saturday morning, summer time fueled adolescence and East Coast boom bap benefits nicely from Kweli’s presence. While the guitar, bass and strings of “Crosshairs” marks a nice change of pace for Doom’s manic musings.

You’ll revel in the many guest appearances by Adult Swim regulars, including Harvey Birdman, attorney at law, The Mooninites, Space Ghost, and the Aqua Teens, as well as an impromptu rap from Brak. If you are a fan of any of this, then it is the experience you’ve long been waiting for; pop some pills throw on the walkman and cue up your cable for one hell of a grand time. If, however, you are not into pop-culture musings, cartoon inspirations, and otherworldly combinations, then you may want to sit this round out.


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