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CX Kidtronik – Krak Attack

One thing is certain with CX Kidtronik on his debut—he has thoroughly covered everything to do with crack of any kind. Krak Attack, as evidenced by the female ass-cracked album art, is a celebrated mess of booty krak, cleavage krak, krazy krak, and crack-pipe krak. The all-over-the-place ADD dream is exactly how Sound-Ink so strangely describes KA—as a “fuckedest concept LP.” Whatever that means, Krak Attack is a cracked out wacky smack attack.

Throughout the lengthy but short 32-track mayhem, CX explores nearly everything. The LP plays like a bizarre concoction of hardcore hip-hop and a punk inflicted electro/grime beast. From the insane computer sounds gone wrong on “Bloody Biscuits” or the clangy noise on migraine-inducing “Bang Out,” CX acts like a video-game freakazoid, twiddling and adjusting every knob and button available. KA is a beat-mashing, bass thumping, ass-rumpin’ kranked-out and regurgitated platter of crack-induced smokables.


CX is no stranger to infusing unusual elements and daring audiences. In the early ‘90s, as the producer of the Atlanta super-group K.I.N. (along with Saul Williams), CK helped introduce the masses to their high energy hip-hop/ industrial mosh-pit antics that influenced groups like Cypress Hill. Furthermore CX contributed to the creation of the ATL dirty south vibe (Outkast), putting the “dirty” into the mid-90s Southern laced hip-hop sound.

Here though, as if trying to create some new sort of hip-hop/rap conglomeration, he fails miserably. Badly underproduced and unfocused, KA is so scattered that it’s a wonder that he didn’t bond with his crack pipe before producing it. Without the help of guest appearances of such notables like Ramm:ell:zee “Tricky Dick,” Zion of Zion I “Get Back Go,” or Kong on the crushing bass-boomer “Sky Is My Roof,” KA would fizzle quicker than the crack rock in a dirty pipe.

While KA is an entertaining listen, it’s lessened due to its pure absurdity. It comes off as a novelty item that represents hip-hop gone wrong. Just what happened to the days of the cutting edge style? Perhaps those days have long fizzled away—like the brains of those addicted to crack.


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