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Curious Yellow – 1-2-3 Go Go Go

Colorado’s indie rock scene has definitely taken off over the past year or so. And Curious Yellow is smack dab in the middle, getting our mighty mountain state some recognition if not by the industry, within our own musical community.

After a few line up changes and two years of writing, practicing, and gigging under their belt, they’re getting set to release the debut CD, 1-2-3 Go Go Go this Saturday, July 19 at the Gothic, along side other indie favs 34 Satellite and Tinker’s Punishment.


I was very anxious to get my hands on it, especially after hearing a short but sweet set Curious played at a benefit earlier this year. But I’ll have to admit; I had to listen to it for a few times before the beauty and quality of the songwriting overtook the lack of production and mixing quality. Putting this stuff out is expensive, so this is something many, many local bands suffer from when taking their live sound and trying to replicate that wall of sound onto a CD.

That said, they more than please, giving one a full-blown smile of pop illumination that more than justifies their opening slots for indie rock gods Built To Spill. From the get go, “Obvious” and every song thereafter instantly took me back to the days of when Pond, Nada Surf, Flip-side and Muzzle where taking over the college radio airwaves, full of jangle rhythms, sparkling percussion and rising vocal clouds.

Vocalist Adam Lancaster knits his lows and highs tightly into the fuzzy warmth of every track. The only time the highs felt like they snagged was on “Minnesota”, but the quirkiness is fleeting and overall, his lead in the pack is definite highlight to the band’s dynamic.

As I’ve said before, Curious Yellow has a bright future ahead of them and is a definite contribution to our local music scene. If you can’t make it to the CD release party this Saturday, at least pick up 1-2-3 Go Go Go until you can make it to their next gig.


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