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Clit 45 – 2,4,6,8…we’re the kids you love to hate

Exploding out of Long Beach California, Clit 45 hit the ground running with their debut full length Self-Hate Crimes in 2005. To supply the demand of their quickly growing fan base they return with this collection of out-of-print songs from past 7”s and EP’s entitled, 2,4,6,8…we’re the kids you love hate.

Their brand of punk is a syringe of genres that puncture the vein, releasing the heterogeneous mixture of modern American Punk Rock and traditional English punk that brings to mind bands like, The Casualties and The Unseen, as well as classic influences like the Germs, G.B.H., and 7 Seconds.


Even though their lyrical content touches on a variety of topics — from politics, abuse, drugs, and the “down and out” life of a punk rock kid — none of it really strays from the stereotypical punk rock agenda. As a punk rock band it may not be a requirement, but as a fan in 2006 I’m expecting a little more.

It was a bit alarming to see a band with only one record under its belt is already releasing an album of out-of-print songs and rarities that they have “re-recorded.” Traditionally, this is done years later to give fans a glimpse of a band’s early years to show how far they’ve come. Since Clit 45 has been together a few years, this record is not much of a departure from their stuff now.


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