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Brother Ali – The Undisputed Truth

A true emcee’s MC, Brother Ali follows up his critically lauded Champion EP with the incredibly passionate The Undisputed Truth, an album filled with the brash, straightforward lyricism of Champion and the personal truth and delivery of his first album Shadows On The Sun.


Production by Ant (Atmosphere and others on the Rhymesayers roster) is alternately dark and bubbly, depending on the mood that is being set. He wraps both strong samples and live instrumentation around the various tracks; making particularly good use of guitars and synths on the latter tracks.

“Faheem,” a song dedicated to Ali’s son, shows just how deep a talent this young man is, and is a moving tribute that isn’t sappy. Similarly, “Walking Away” addresses the dissolution of Ali’s 10-year marriage to Faheem’s mother with heart, distress and insight.

Meanwhile, Ali’s political voice can be heard on tracks such as “Uncle Sam Goddamn,” “Letter From The Government,” and “Freedom Ain’t Free.” The battle tested MC also pays ample homage to the old school of hip hop with the b-boy-ready “Listen Up” and the lyrically rich “Truth Is.”

Brother Ali, the albino Muslim from the Twin Cities, has said that he doesn’t really consider most rappers his peers. He wants to make albums that resonate like Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key of Life, Prince’s Purple Rain, or anything recorded by Miles Davis. In other words, he wants to make “complete records that stand the test of time.”

The truth is this album is one strong step towards that goal.


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