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Bionik Brown – Platinum Thoughts, Aluminum Budget

Harking back to the days when hiop-hop music had a bit of fun laced into it is New Orleans’ own Colorado resident Bionik Brown. Replete with punchlines, quotable lyrics, and hopeful commentary, this southern boy’s debut is worth a listen, even if his voice might remind you of Ahmad meets Kanye. In fact, “The Insomniac’s Anthem (last night)” employs some Kanye West-style production. But don’t think Brown is a bitin’ MC; he’s got his own flavor.


The self-described “Poet Laureate of the South” drops jewels on “Novella,” where the track gets your head nodding and a foot tapping before one word is spoken. “Yeah, U Right” a 60’s theme-song inspired ditty is a wake-up call to posing MC’s; from gangsta rappers to underground kids, no one is safe from the scathing insight of this deft lyricist.

While Brown’s humor is aptly displayed on “Mr. Bill Collector, Part 1” (and part II) as his on-point commentary is something many of us can relate to. He also displays a flair heard on Denver’s own D.O.’s many records. Meanwhile, the high-energy “1, 2, 3” is a brief biography rap that showcases Brown’s battle rap prowess. And, “The Thug Inside,” has a whispery signing chorus that enhances this tale of the artist’s battle with his two selves; he’s a good guy at heart, but there’s a thug lurking just beneath the surface. Here, lines like: “…the problem with bustin’ caps/ is that somebody might bust back…” is realer than most songs you hear today. As is “Dear Katrina,” a heartfelt ditty directed to the storm that displaced him.

You might think that at 20 tracks long, this album would become redundant. However, there’s enough diversity within this man’s repertoire that you won’t get bored, even after repeated listens. New Orleans’ Third Ward has gifted us this talent, show your support.


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