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Black Black Ocean – Vultures For Permanent Fix

For those of you that attended Black Black Ocean’s CD release surgery party at Garageland, this “Vultures For Permanent Fix” continues the debauchery, evidence that the band is evolving at a maniac’s pace. Versus their full length Operacion, this is a more frantic collage of drums, guitars and vocals, especially on the opening track “In A Perfect World You’d Be At The Bottom Of A Lake”.


If Denver had an East Village, BBO would definitely be playing out at Lit with could be considered an ode to Radio 4 on “S!M!”, where Ryan Eason is stretching his vocal chords to the limit, even more so than before. Their creativity expands with artsy slow moves, quirky samples and vocoder vocal scenes that explode into a drove of post punk jerks and shakes.

BBO is the only band I know that has a penchant for the place that most of us dread – the hospital. From the last full-length title, Operacion, reference to livin’ in a hospital on “Even Babies Have To Pay” and the theme of their last party, there’s something about white walls, needles and the smell of alcohol that intrigues them. Far be it from me to question this, as long as they keep cranking out some of the best fucking rock music Colorado has to offer. Black Black Ocean are here to save us, being one of a hand full of bands that will finally make Denver known as more than just an Opie Gone Bad cowtown.


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