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Audio Bullys – Ego War

Audio Bullys are a young West London pair of blokes taking over the nightclub playground with a whirlwind of reminiscent rhymes and programming blips that range from The Streets rap to Basement Jaxx funk – remade into a new mold of juicy booty dub and ska. Self produced by the Bully duo Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale, Ego War blasts with beer-drinking beat concoctions, running side to side with shuffling boogie anthems that juxtapose simple Casio and cowbell samples with creepy, ghost town melodies.


Teaming with Elvis Costello on “Way Too Long”, Simon tells his town’s tale with a voice of experience, loungy vocal samples collide with intermittent 2-Step interludes on “Face In A Cloud”, and “The Tyson Shuffle” could gain them the accolades Jaxx received from their Rooty track. Complex production skills shine on the 60’s, spy movie inspired “The Things” as melancholy vocals, martini drenched strings, horns, and sexy piano tinkling ride the jet boat into the sunset.

Innovation is such a rare commodity in music these days. Redundancy, repetition, and “me-too” styles seem to have overtaken almost every genre, from pop punk to post punk rock – and especially the world of dance music. Audio Bullys join the exclusive click of other modern artists in this genre that stand out above the others, from the aforementioned Basement Jaxx to Freestylers, Junkie XL, Leftfield and Overseer, appealing to both electronic enthusiasts and those who may not be fans of your typical techno.

This weekend you get your chance when Audio Bullys take over The Church this Saturday, December 6.


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