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Asura – Lost Eden

This renowned French electronic music troupe is the first group with a release on Amsterdamn’s new Dutchi Records, which is building their reputation as a source for “groove and sooth” music. This the second release for the group, the first being Code Eternity in 2000 on Ultimae Records.


Asura‘s use of flutes and other tranquil instrumentation makes Lost Eden a bit new age-y at times, painting an aural picture of an Indian chief sitting high atop a hill looking over his land that would soon be taken over by the white man. I suppose, in a sense, that’s what they meant by “ambient music could sometimes be more powerful than upbeat dance music” in their bio. It’s the music of Discovery channel soundtracks, ones that pan over the distant sea or a mountain landscape. You feel it down to your cortex, but it is the backdrop to whatever is going on in the frontal lobe.

A vibrant, ethnic feel continues throughout with sparks of Latin guitars, Turkish chants, and Aborigine rhythm effects. This music would be a great recommendation to your message therapist so Enya will never again make it into the CD player. In the land of Lost Eden, there is no measurement of time, this land has existed for centuries without the modern conveniences, and in contrast, its such electronics that have made this opus come alive.


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