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Anonymous Tip – Not Your Orthodox

Interestingly–and appropriately–it was the British hardcore oddballs Snuff that discovered Anonymous Tip in 2008 and released their debut EP on their 10 Past 10 imprint. While their music has a bit more consistent intensity (and despite an obvious bent for ska), Anonymous Tip has a very similar mix of youthful over-the-top-ness and passionate seriousness.


In a jaded ode to the music Industry, singer Sanj Surati kicks off the number “music industry folk are like ex-girlfriends on coke.” As serious as the sentiment may be, it’s hard no to crack a smile at that.

While not the greatest spellers, these boys are nonetheless verbose, including a booklet with not only the lyrics to each of their songs, but also a briefing on the intended meaning of the said lyrics. This notion was spawned by a critical review that ran in Kerrang! Magazine accusing the band of being sexist based on an apparent misinterpretation of one of their early releases.

With songs about the bonds of friendship, emotional instability and human injustices, this, honestly, is a bit predictable. The intensity of Anonymous Tips music is appreciable, but the self-importance is a bit much. Chalk it up to youthful exuberance: I’m a bitter old rocker; but hardcore kids will probably eat this up.


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