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Annie – Anniemal

Nordpop shoots another dart at the world’s ear with Anniemal by soft-singing, subtle disco queen, Anne Lilia Berge-Strand, or to her fans, Annie.


Annie began her musical career some time ago, releasing “The Greatest Hit,” an acclaimed club track with her partner Tore Korknes in 1999. Korknes’s sadly short life ended in 2001 when he fell victim to heart problems, and Annie was left musically and romantically solo.

Presumably due to the process of grieving, this is the first we have heard from her since. But after listening to Anniemal, you’ll agree the wait was worth every moment when you wrap your ears around this surprisingly intriguing release (which incidentally includes “The Greatest Hit”).

What appear to be rather simple dance-pop structures are actually meticulous and intricate beats that almost give you the creeps when you seriously concentrate on the musical inspiration that was poured into them. Add to that Annie’s very unassuming vocals, and you have the most exhilarating little secret.

I love it when a great non-aggressive album drops on the party kids and makes them sit down and appreciate the fact that beauty can be constructed at less than 130 BPM. Anniemal is proof of that fact.


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