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Adult. – Gimmie Trouble

For the sense of some clarity—everything associated with ADULT. is a little weird. This is a good thing because ADULT.’s brand of electro eccentrics is refreshing. From the silent period in their name to Nicola Kuperus’ bizarre photography that adorns each album cover; something is quite unusual with them. The Detroit-based duo, rounded out by Adam Lee Miller, want to create music that people have extreme reactions to. Their oddball mix of bratty electro-punk is just the recipe. Believe me, if raw techno mixed with robotic drony vocals and intertwining synth swashes doesn’t ignite a response, not much will.


With their latest mutation, Gimmie Trouble, ADULT. adds some new ingredients. It seems like a continuation of their Thrill Jockey debut EP D.U.M.E. released earlier this year. Except now that they have added a third member, Sam Consiglio, their sound has become even stranger. The addition of guitar allows Gimmie Trouble to feel more spastic and more punk-ish.

Now ADULT. sounds more like a snarling dance-punk group.

“Bad Ideas” blends dirty bass and gritty guitar lines over whacky electronic squeals, while “Scare Up The Birds” is much of the same: bouncy bass driven music over chirpy electronics and minimal drum machine pulses. On Gimmie Trouble the synth is the accompaniment instead of the main course, evidenced on the different sound generated on “Turn Into Fever” or “Disappoint The Youth.” Kuperus has altered her vocal delivery too. Instead of the clinical vocal robotics of ADULT.’s past, she belts out more of a sexy-wailing type of delivery. Like on “Strange Mistakes,” and the chorus: “What Did-You Do / Strange Mistakes,” Kuperus bends the pitch of her voice into a sinister yowl. This is more convincing with the pure pained emotion she conveys. This also gives life into the notion of the trio’s obvious punk-bent style.

The funny thing is though—even as Gimmie Trouble’s punk influences bubble to the surface, the contents never boil over. ADULT. still sounds very much like ADULT. Only now, with the new blend, their music sounds much more urgent. Call it tweeked-out electro with a nasty punk twist.


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