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4-Zone – My Turn

A big man with a microphone that doesn’t bite B.I.G.’s style! A west coast cat that doesn’t spend all his time bangin’ on wax! East coast sensibility sprinkled with a definite west coast love. That’s what you get with newcomer, Los Angeles based 4-Zone, whose debut album My Turn will soon be all the rage.


Fans of the Sound Providers will delight in the buoyant, danceable nature of “Bottoms Up,” its heavily jazzed up sample just begging you to move. On the other hand, true spitters will be impressed by the moving, head nodding nature of “Let’s Go,” its prominent percussion belying its west coast origins.

The first single, “Bounce,” with its rolling bass line and subtle piano riff, as well as its recurring chorus (“bounce, rock, skate, move…I just wanna know if this is banging!”), could easily be entered into the Radio 1190 Bassmentalism mix. While “Lap Dance” with Interrogator, and “Off Safety” featuring Styles of Beyond—the only two of these15 tracks with guest spots—qualify 4-Zone for his legitimate independent MC card. In fact, “Lap Dance” might even find a spot for itself in the clubs. “Dippin’” might remind you of early Liquid crew Xzibit, hard and lyrical at the same time, but definitely a west coast original.

Having paid his dues alongside SOB, and even appearing in the company of such legendary names as Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, and Rahzel in the 2002 documentary Breathe Control—The History of the Human Beat Box, and because of his exemplary Beat Box skills, 4-Zone is ready for his spotlight. Production from up-and-coming producers like Oliver Twist and Fastrack, and consistent tracks from talents like DJ Cheapshot and Vin Skully (Styles of Beyond), keeps the album sonically entertaining. Plus, the Monopoly themed packaging is just way cool. It is 4-Zone’s turn, let him spin.


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