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Fancy Tiger Gets Their Obama Kit On

Fancy Tiger Gets Their Obama Kit On

When I first saw the Shepard Fairey Obama shirt, I flipped my perverbial wig. Of course, by the time I got out of traction, all the shirts were gone as well as the posters.

I was happy to find out that of course, more were printed and available online, but I also saw them for sale at Urban Outfitters. While the design is still one of the best out there, I felt like a clone wearing it. Lame? Maybe. While I want the masses to have access to show their support of our next president, shopping at the mall and political rebellion have never gone hand-in-hand with me.

But this just in — our own Fancy Tiger, “Denver’s Hip Craft Emporium,” just announced the limited availability of the Barack Obama needle felting kit. For only $15 you get everything you need to create your own Obama bust out of felted wool. Granted, this not a wearable item persay, but this brings crafting to a whole new level.

So drop into Fancy Tiger (1 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80209, 303-733-3855) and say “hi” to owner and Obama supporter, Jaime Jennings, or buy your kit online at



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