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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Clusterf#@k to the Poor House

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Clusterf#@k to the Poor House – Goofus and Gallant

Who could present our current state of presidential affairs other than Jon Stewart, or to use Highlights magazine characters in reference to president-elect Barack Obama’s take on our state of affairs versus the childish, cat-with-a-ball-of-yarn antics of George Dumb-Ya Bush. Stewart continues to be our hero from the “press.” And in this newscast, pay attention to Bush’s response to the unveiling of his portrait, “Welcome to my hanging.”

“Do we really have to wait until January 20th? Can’t we have him already?…President Gallant unveils his stimulus package, while actual President Goofus unveils a portrait of himself.”


The Season of Giving – The Steve Colbert Report says, “It’s time we put aside our differences and help those car companies in need.”

I say, instead of a $15 billion dollar check we should instead, give each of the Chrysler, GM, and Ford auto execs a DVD of “Who Killed the Electric Car” along with a “Fa La La La F-You” holiday card.

The documentary from 2006 shows first hand, just how these greedy assholes from the auto industry not only dug a grave for automotive innovation and alternative fuel vehicles in 1996, but HOPEFULLY, dug a grave for their own careers.

If we want to look even further ego, greed and short sidedness of the Big Three, The History Channel’s “Cities Of The Underworld” peered into the days when Los Angeles had a transit system that rivaled New York. And guess what? It was the auto, tire and oil companies that bought up the system and shut it down. Talk about taking out the competition. That may have been the way they chose to succeed back in those days, but it doesn’t seem to be working so well now, even if they selflessly drove their crappy cars ALL THE WAY to Washington D.C. to beg for money. How Big of them.—season-of-giving


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