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The Underground Music Showcase Turns 10 – Ilan’s Picks for July 22 & 23

I don’t claim to be your city-wide cruise director, so please refrain from calling me Julie (or Shirley for that matter), but I do like myself some live music and when I get the chance to take in a bunch of it within a $3 cab ride of my house, I’ll jump at the chance.

This weekend I’ll be at the Underground Music Showcase, celebrating its 10th year by taking over two-dozen venues from north of 5th on Broadway all the way down into the named streets of Ellsworth and Alameda.  Some of these live music spots are traditional (Three Kings, which has a slate of heavier acts lined up for the weekend) and some are far less used to hosting live events (Fentress Architect’s Materials Garden, which is welcoming some more mellow musicians).


What follows is my tentative plan for these four fine days but as we all know, “the best laid plans of mice and men…blah, blah, blah,” so if I know you, and you’re at one of these shows and I’m not, please don’t give me shit.  Understand that I probably found something of an equal level of cool and am only going to be a little bummed that I missed a flaming aerial guitar solo by an Equatorial Guinean acrobat.

Just sayin’.

There’s so much going on at UMS 2010 that good times will be dolled out by the bucket, and, by Monday, record stores will be packed with people buying CD’s from bands they’d never heard of on Thursday.

I’m gonna run down a couple of things I’m planning on for each of the days and include a food interlude or two.  

I’d like to pick some acts I haven’t seen, but that maybe I’ve heard about.  I might end up seeing some local favorites in a redux anyway, say, The Knew, John Common, Take to the Oars, Swayback, Paperbird, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and such.  Keep in mind that what follows may be your most favorite band ever or you might already be over them.  Tough, this is my list, but I hope you like the bands.  If you do, please tell me.  If they suck the greatness right outta the room, tell me that too; I apologize in advance.

Keep in mind that the venues are walkable and should be done so with gusto.  Have a great time.

So, Thursday.  I’m digging the little bit I’ve heard of Sour Boy, Bitter Girl, a crew from Fort Collins playing some rock-tinged Americana.  They’re playing at Skylark at 8 and I think they’ll put on a great show.  

I also want to see Porlolo, playing at 10pm at The Irish Rover, giving me a kind of young Victoria Williams vibe.  Local boys Flashbulb Fires take the stage at 11:55pm at Club 404 and I’m digging the layers they’ve got.  

This trail will take me north along Broadway and gives me access to a bunch of great spots for food.  I’m gonna hit Delite at 32 South Broadway for some oyster shooters and pork buns.  Yeah.

Friday is crammed full, but I’ll try and keep it in check.  

I’ll be there for Le Divorce, a local “super-group” that’ll be a ton of fun at the Hi-Dive at 6pm.  One thing I absolutely don’t want to miss though is just a half hour later at the Fentress Architect’s Materials Garden.  It’s Voladores, a group of “flyers” from Mexico.  Trust me, or Google it, but whatever, be there.

J. Shogren & the Shanghai’d, a super intelligent group of folks playing Nobel Prize quality bluegrass will be on stage at the Hornet at 8pm. I like the food there enough to tuck into something before the show if I don’t sneak over to Famous Pizza for a couple of slices.  

A. Tom Collins is up the road at Club 404 at 9pm. I bet that show’s packed, since he’s been making quite a name for himself lately.  Hoots and Hellmouth and The Outfit are both playing at 11pm, at the Irish Rover and the Rock the Cradle respectively, so I’ll see The Outfit rock out during this time and H&H and their Americana on Sunday.

More to come for Saturday and Sunday’s picks…


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