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UMS Day 4 – EyeRock, Colfax Speed Queen, Flashlights, Timber Timbre, A Shoreline Dream

We’ve made it to the last day, Sunday, July 24, of the 11th Annual Underground Music Showcase (UMS). In today’s picks is a reminder to check out EyeRock Art and Music show, Colfax Speed Queen, Flashlights,Timber Timbre, along with A Shoreline Dream, The Down and The Outfit.

EyeRock: Art and Music at the 11th annual DPUMS – 2:00pm – 7:00pm (227 Broadway between 2nd and 3rd)

It’s wonderful to see Denver artists being included in this year’s UMS. As one of my friends put it yesterday, “It’s kind of like Flatstock,” referencing the eye boggling concert poster show that coincides with SXSW each year.

While this particular showing is slightly smaller in scale, the talent is immense and again, spotlights the vibrant and continually growing art community here in Denver.

Artists, including Chris Gregori, Chris Huth, Delton Demarest, and Max Kauffman, have been tapped to create official posters for UMS this year and will be available on a first come first serve basis in very small editions, with 100% of all sales going directly to the artists.


Colfax Speed Queen – 6:00pm – Skylark

Aside from the band’s name that no doubt flicks a grin on the faces of most Denver residents, Colfax Speed Queen’s sound takes that level of pleasure many steps further, meshing a brooding, garage guitar and vocal haunt with an almost fragrant, flowery keyboard line that seems to sprout from the hot sidewalk, bringing beauty the concrete landscape.

With tracks like “Whore Machine” and “Fiends in the Night,” it’s as if CSQ has managed to recruit Lux Interior to produce from the other side, teaming with his earth-bound collaborator, Iggy Pop.


Flashlights – 9:00pm – Club 404

Talking with the duo that makes up Flashlights – Ethan Converse and Sam Martin – we were huddled down at the Hi-Dive’s “green room” chatting about this freshman outfit in Denver before their opening gig for ManCub, another duo who is breaking ground in Denver’s expanding electro pop and dance playground.

Read the KB Flashlights interview.

Lo-Fi Promos – Flashlights – The UMS – July 24th @ Club 404 from Lo-Fi Promos on Vimeo.


Timber Timbre – 10:00pm – Hi-Dive

Just a few notes into “Black Water” from Montreal’s Timber Timbre, and it’s as if a cool breeze has come in from the west, bringing relief and smiles to the baking, heat of the day.

And on that note, how fitting will it be to hear “Lay Down in the Tall Grass” as UMS is winding down on this last day, having Timber Timbre help us to cool down with their lovely serenade, then sending us on our way where sweet dreams await.


Quick Picks

A Shoreline Dream – 4:00pm – Moe’s Original Bar B Que — These guys have been on my favorites lists for years, having been drawn in by A Shoreline Dream’s layered and atmospheric, and at times, raucous, tumultuous sounds. Although I’ve lost count of the number of ASD shows I’ve chalked up, I’m always pleasantly surprised by something new the four-piece has up its sleeve each time. This time will be no different, since ASD is due to release Losing Them All to This Time in September, so expect to get a sneak peek of the new music at the Moe’s show.


The Down – 5:00pm – 404 Club – Reforming after The Velveteen Loveseat went bye-buy, the garage, surf rock musicians reformed under The Down. Tunes like “Want” kickstart a desire for beach breezes, something that’s hotly saute after during the Dog Days of Summer.


The Outfit – 7:00pm – Club 404 — I discovered The Outfit two years ago at UMS in a walk-by-a-store happenstance, feeling as if I was being pulled into a vortex. My friends kept going and I quickly abandoned all previous plans to take in the set. I expect an equally explosive show from The Outfit, now with two more years under the belt and new tracks to perform.


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