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UMS Day 2 – Metermaids, Mr. Anonymous, Colourmusic, ManCub

 On to Friday, July 22: Day 2 of UMS, my picks include Metermaids, Mr. Anonymous, Colourmusic, ManCub, Twin Guns and Broken Tongues, a mixture of hip-hop, electro, genre-defying musical experiences, and good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, a true testament to the diversity of UMS 2011.

Metermaids – 6:45pm – Goodwill Parking Lot

This Strange Famous Records duo, made up of MC’s Swell and Sentence, is actually turning the term Metermaids into a highly pleasurable one (versus the knee-jerk reaction to run to one’s car to avoid a waste of $40). Remixing an already mighty sample from Sleigh Bells into “Bedford Kinds (Riot Rhythm Remix),” this is just one of ten tracks on the latest Metermaid album (available for free download), Billy Mitchell Presents: Sleigh Bells. Each song packs enough punch to knock down a concrete wall, inspired by the power of Sleigh Bells’ sound that cuts to the bone while spotlighting the lyrical insight and talent behind Swell and Sentence.

Metermaids hits the stage 6:45, priming the Goodwill spot for Sage Francis who plucks the mic later at 9pm.

Metermaids Sampler by metermaids


Mr. Anonymous – 7:00pm – TS Board Shop

It’s been about six years since KB last reviewed Mr. Anonymous music, so it’s good to hear that they’re still alive and well and haven’t lost their knack for melding bumpity-bump, soulful reggae rhythms with a quirky sense of humor and a love-of-life essence.

Case in point, the YouTube video featured on their UMS profile page, which features a myriad of scenes, jumping from a hot tub where lead singer is wearing a huge white afro whilst two Playboy-esque females giggle next to him; a pub scene with the whole band decked in their black and white grooving to the song, a gorilla trying to play tennis, and then the band again in casual attire playing drums and such on the back of a trailer. I think this is the one and only time I’ve heard a song that uses Autotune where I didn’t feel the immediate need to hit “mute.” Mr. Anonymous also makes a habit of offering ALL their music for free, so feel free to download to your heart’s content at:


Colourmusic – 11:00pm – 3 Kings Tavern

Close your eyes and listen to “Tog,” a track from Colourmusic’s latest release, My _____ is Pink, and it’s as if they performed and recorded it out at Red Rock. Huge drums sit atop the 20+ foot boulders, a female dresses in a white flowing gown stars into the sun as she sings, definite of its heat, and scattered all around are her minions, screaming “HEY!” on her command.

To say that Colourmusic’s sounds and style is obscure and difficult to narrow down in creativity quipped words is an understatement, but one that’s a welcome challenge in this world of redundancy. It would be quite an experience to hear “Tog,” and other anthem tracks like “Yes!” and “The Little Death (In Five Parts)” at Red Rocks some day, but for now I’m more than happy (ecstatic, actually) to be able to take all they’ve got to give within the intimate setting of 3 Kings.

After UMS Colourmusic stays on tour through July, August and September, joining Royal Bangs and Colour Revolt.

Colourmusic – Tog


ManCub – 11:55pm – Delite

Musical acts that utilize samples and electronics are often put to task to re-create in a live setting what’s been recorded and mixed for audio listening. Having seen ManCub’s show at Hi-Dive earlier this month I can more than attest that the duo not only passes said test with flying colors and swirling lights, they truly engage the audience to become one with their show.

“8-bit Crush,” the title track to ManCub’s latest E.P. release can cause side affects, including involuntary dance moves, so avoid driving heavy machinery or standing in line at the DMV. If you start singing along, “Get the fuck off the floor…Get the fuck out the door…It’s the canine sniffing himself,” you might get escorted out, which would, let’s be honest, a blessing.

The slightly older track “Summer Rain,” (not to be confused with “Chocolate Rain”) is a fan favorite, as indicated by the reaction from the Hi-Dive crowd, as the song seemingly pays tribute to a Bee Gee’s style of vocal but with the futuristic, Fischerspooner electrons fully infused throughout.

Acts like ManCub and Flashlights are really making inroads to expanding Denver’s electro dance treasure trove. Take that Brooklyn!

ManCub – 8 Bit Crush – 06 8 Bit Crush by Mancub303


Quick Picks

Twin Guns8:00pm at 3 Kings Tavern – Make a stop at the bar for a whiskey shot before venturing into the stage area for this band. Jim Chandler, former member of The Cramps, makes up half of the duo, so expect a mixture of surf and vintage rock ‘n roll that complements two fingers of the good stuff.

Broken Tongues9pm at TS Board Shop – This Denver-based group solidifies the expanding breadth of hip-hop in our fine city, whipping together lyrical moves, finely tuned vocals and bumpin’ rhythms. I’m looking forward to the group’s upcoming release, Crooked Skyline, which set to hit the streets this summer.


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