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The Kaffeine Buzz Show – Episode 23 – Hoxton Radio

This week’s episode started with a dedication to the artists and musicians we lost in 2012, including Joe Maher, the guitarist from Flowered Up who recently passed. Featured a new remix of Bear in Heaven, a bit about the Rolling Stone’s new doc, “Crossfire Hurricane,” news on Denver’s Mancub and Cceruleann dance acts, plus Hot Chip’s rollicking new video for “Don’t Deny Your Heart,” which brings a love-ly twist to FIFA football gaming. And of course, the Concert Calendar picks and tracks, including The Correspondents, Dexters, and The 2 Bears.

Continued the weekly series of SXSW 2013 Showcasing bands with tracks and music news for two Ninja Tune artists, London’s Coldcut and Dels.

Listen to the show live every Friday at 8am Mountain / 3pm GMT at, with an encore show the same time the following Sunday, and follow along with me on Twitter @kaffeinebuzz and @hoxtonradio.


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