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Post 303 Radio – Indie Radio Returns to Denver

Post 303 Radio


Yes. That’s right. For the fans, the listeners of the beloved and sadly deceased Indie 101.5 radio station, Whip, the former music director and DJ of 101.5, along with Tyler Jacobson, Lipgloss co-founder and co-operator of Danger Radio/YourMusicIsAwful, have assembled a band of DJ hooligans to reignite indie radio in Denver, Colorado, and beyond.

Post 303 Radio is not on commercial analog radio, which has over the last two decades, become water-down drivel on repeat, but on Internet radio, where the station’s DJs will be free, free, free to play whatever the hell they want.

The listener can also become the DJ if they happen to be in the vicinity of one of our on-location broadcasts, where we’ll be set up in a venue along the South Broadway corridor.

Local music, along with alternative, punk, electronic, and genres within the independent music front will be core to the programming [LISTEN LIVE]. Since all of us are closely tied to the local music community, it of utmost importance that Post 303 Radio plays plenty of Denver and Colorado bands not currently getting airplay on commercial radio…and that’s a lot of bands.

In order for the station to operate properly, some funds will need to be raised from the get-go. Post 303 Radio needs to raise $10,000 dollars for equipment, including microphones, headphones, a mixing board and processors. Other operation costs include web hosting, plus the station’s monthly internet streaming fees and music royalties costs. And, we’d like to have a “station” Mac to serve that drop by listener who wants to DJ one of our on-location shows.

You can donate by visiting:

Post 303 Radio Indie Go Go Launch from on Vimeo.

In addition to Whip and Tyler, Lynn Ryan from Indie 101.5 is part of the clan of DJs, as is Kurt Ottaway from the Overcasters, DJ Tower, who has been working dance floors in Denver since 1993, Jason Lung, and yours truly.

After 15 years in radio, Lynn feels the station she most identified with was, “Indie101.5, which is where I bonded with a number of the people you’ll hear on Post 303 Radio. Bottom line is, I love music, the people who make it and the people who love it as much as I do.”

I concur with Lynn. Besides caffeine, the only addiction I’ve really had is to music. I really missed Indie 101.5 when it went away, as much as I missed being on KSCU back in Cali when I moved to Colorado ten years ago.

When Tyler approached me about joining the station it only took the five minutes of him explaining what he and Whip were putting together before I said “Yes!” I can’t tell you how happy I am to return to radio and in the company of folks that share that passion.

For my Kaffeine Buzz show, I’ve got a lot of programming ideas, including inviting guest DJs to join me on my show, showcasing interviews with musicians, filmmakers, artists and people from the community, along with show themes that coincide with culture-related events (art events, film fest, music fests) here in Colorado and abroad.

If you have any ideas you want to pass along or have questions about Post 303 Radio, feel free to email me at kim-at-post303radio-dot-com. Connect to Post 303 Radio at,


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