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Vaux is Playing Laser Tag

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Fresh off of tour with My Chemical Romance and A Static Lullaby, VAUX will hit the road once again, only this time it will be under their own rules as they headline for the first time. The group is movin’ on up, to the eastside as they introduce “The Lazer Tour”, which combines their well-known energy and intensity with a their sensory-overload of lighting effects and fog machines. Since they released their full-length debut There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them on Volcom Entertainment on April 15, Vaux has been touring non-stop in it’s support. They will start off November 6 in Poughkeepsie, NY, then hit 15 other states before they come back home to Denver to obliterate the BlueBird December 6. Mark your calendars. We can expect this won’t be you average Pink Floyd laser show.



If you’re going to CMJ next week, you can sign up to attend the taping and be a member of our live audience. The taping takes place Wednesday, October 22 at 7PM. Go to, then go to the Carson Daly section.

The following statement is from K Records:

Dear Friends,

Dub Narcotic Sound System was involved in a single car accident in the early morning of Oct. 15. Calvin, Heather and Chris are all OKAY, but Chris and Calvin’s injuries required hospitalization.

Everyone at K is still sort of reeling from this. It sounds like Heather is going to fly back to Oly today or tomorrow … Chris will be in the hospital at least another night and Calvin will likely be there a few more nights. None of them have insurance to cover the medical bills, and they also lost a lot of their equipment (not to mention the van) in the wreck.

K has already set up a site for donations on their homepage at: or you make checks/money orders payable to the Dub Narcotic Sound System and send them to Box 7154 Oympia, WA 98507. If you’re a K fan, I’d highly recommend you send a couple bucks their way — they’re going to need it.

Thank you.



Here’s your chance to support underground hip-hop in the mainstream. Mr. Lif and Definitive Jux are asking you to vote for his appearance on the MTV show, Advanced Warning Poll, where MTV has actually made room in their programming to feature “stellar artists on the verge of blowing big.” Some of the other artists include Atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco and Brand New. From the Advanced Warning Poll page on, “which is hell-bent on introducing cutting-edge artists to the public as soon as we hear about them,” you can stream the featured artist and/or buy their compilation of featured artists for $3.99. If the show survives and continues to spread the word on true blue artists such as Atmosphere, there is a glimmer of hope that the industry is finally embracing those we’ve been embracing for years.

To make your vote heard, go to:


The Fillmore Auditorium has partnered with XM Satellite Radio, a satellite radio service provider, to create a modern listening lounge inside the venue so patrons to check out their 100 channels of digital music programming. This is the first listening lounge that has debuted in a club environment. “XM Satellite Radio is excited to be part of the eclectic and historic Fillmore Auditorium,” said Patricia Kesling, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations for XM. “Like XM itself, the XM Radio Lounge will provide music lovers a new and innovative way to experience music.” Local firm Guggenheim Design was tasked with selecting modern décor that would fit in with The Fillmore Auditorium’s diverse crowd. Natalie Guggenheim, lead designer, chose creative touches such as sputnik sconces from East Colfax’s Mod Living and refurbished chrome chairs that originally outfitted Denver’s notorious Red Garder.

Soundtrack, a local consumer electronics retailer, has partnered with XM Satellite Radio and The Fillmore Auditorium to create the listening station inside the room and create ongoing in-store promotions. “The new XM Lounge at The Fillmore Auditorium is a great setting to capture and demonstrate the benefits of satellite radio,” said Amy Komatz, corporate communications director of SoundTrack. “We are thrilled to be part of this signature venue and help launch a truly unique listening lounge in Denver.”


Fox Releases their Fox Theatre Fall 2003 Compilation – FOR FREE

The next time you head to the Fox for a show, keep an eye out for their new Fall 2003 compilation, which is available now (while supplies last). It has to be one of their best yet, including tracks from artists that have or will be playing the venue, including Modest Mouse, The Shins, Elbow, Kings of Leon, The Polyphonic Spree, Garage a Trois, Grandaddy, Death Cab for Cutie, and the list goes on. The BRAND NEW, “I’m sooooo Kaffeine Buzz’d” sticker comes with the CD, so make sure to pick one up. Free is good, ya know.


The Petition to Roll Back FCC Media Ownership Rules

There is a recent call to action put out to the public to sign a petition that would have Congress overturn the Federal Communication Commission’s relaxation of media ownership rules that was passed by a 3-2 vote on June 2, 2003. “A handful of international megacorporations control the majority of the world’s media. Journalism has become dumbed-down entertainment, we are deluged with advertising; elections are determined by who has the most money or celebrity, not the best ideas.

And it’s about to get worse. This summer, the FCC lifted media ownership caps which would allow the megacorporations to become even bigger.

The final showdown in the 2003 fight against media monopoly is here. Congress is considering initiatives that would roll back the FCC rule changes that favor media behemoths over the public interest. Because nearly 3 million Americans – conservative and liberal – have already decried the FCC’s lifting of ownership caps, Big Media lobbyists are fighting back hard. We can’t outspend Big Media, but if we can gather a half million signatures, we stand a chance of winning.”
Go to to read more and to fill out the petition.



Buzz Band Stories this week:
— Cakewalk Introduces SONAR 3 Software
— CMJ Music Marathon’s DIY Seminar Series, NYC October 22-25
— Atlas Seeks Unsigned Bands & Musicians
— Shure’s 3rd Annual Music Roots Contest
— XM Radio Unsigned Channel seeks bands for their programming

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