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Larimer Lounge Gets the OK on All Ages Shows

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Denver’s Larimer Lounge has officially been approved by the City of Denver to host all-ages shows in addition to 21+ shows. To kick-off the ability to get the music out to all people, Larimer is working with Suburban Home to throw out the first ball, er, show with a double shot of pop-punk with The Gamits, Laymen Terms, and Whisky Kiss, the first all ages shows at 7PM on Friday, November 28 and then at 10pm that night, The Gamits get back on stage with Love Me Destroyer and Doozer for a 21+ show.


Mercury Project On A Logo Search

The band is looking for a new band logo and is holding a contest to bring everyone’s input to the table. “You all know who the crazy artists are around you. We want them to get busy creating and throw us their ideas,” says Vincent.


1. Winner takes all – $250.00, the band will reserve the rights to the logo
2. Contest will last one month. We will announce the winner by 12/03/03

What they’re lookin’ for:

– Something that represents higher consciousness
– Something that represents elements of multi-culturalism.
– Something that has our name in the logo.
– Something that shows a collision of different musical styles…
– Possibly something intergalactic?
– Something that is in a computerized format so we can take and apply it to a bunch of different things… (i.e. photoshop… page maker… something scanned into the computer)
– Think bathroom wall bumpersticker!!


Suburban Home Announces New Releases

Love Me Destroyer’s debut album, Black Heart Affair, appeared in stores Tuesday, November 4th, available at favorite indie shop or directly from the label at This coming week, look for the Kaffeine Buzz interview with the band that appears in the November issue of In Flux magazine, available at all Independent Records and other cools spots around the city. The local label is also pleased to announce a new release series entitled, “Under the Influence”. The idea behind “Under the Influence” is to get some of their favorite bands to record covers of the songs that have most influenced their songwriting, then gain insight as to why these particular songs hit them the way they did. These mental notes will then appear in the CD’s liner notes.

First on the list is Stereotyperider with:

1. Pixies – “Where is My Mind?”
2. Fugazi – “Styrofoam”
3. Archers of Loaf – “The Lowest Part is Free”
4. Seaweed – “Crush Us All”
5. The Cure – “Jumpin’ Someone Else’s Train”
6. Descendents – “Coolidge”

For the seventh song, they asked Stereotyperider for another 5 songs to choose from, and they are looking for the masses to vote on their favorite:

1. Quicksand – “Lie and Wait”
2. Agent Orange – “Everything Turns Gray”
3. Weezer – “Suzanne”
4. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – “Grey Cell Green”
5. Helmet – “Give it”

You can make your voice heard by visiting the Suburban Home message board, accessible from their web site at They will tabulate the votes during the next two weeks and announce which song was voted on the most, then send the Stereotyperider into the studio. Look for the EP in early March. Future Under the Influence CD EPs will be recorded by Planes Mistaken for Stars, Mike Park, the Gamits, and more.


Drag The River Releases

For you vinyl fans, you’ll be pleased to know that Drag the River just released the VINYL ONLY “at the Green Door-O.K.C.” that goes along with Live at the Starlight. Next on the list is the “Chicken Demos”, which is the second in their rarities releases (the first being the Hobo’s Demos). And I’m told that new stuff is on the way and being recorded in their garage. How DIY. Gotta love ‘em.



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