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Armed with a Triple Threat, Apostle Keeps Championing Hip-Hop

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Apostle, (Jeff Campbell) in his own right and part of the group Heavy Weight Dub Champion, is a busy, busy man. As the head of Denver’s Hip Hop Coalition, a non-profit organization that develops and performs programs to stimulate and support the creative minds of our youth. He spent the last year dedicating himself full-time, which resulted in a rise in funds for the organization to the tune of $12,000.

He’s also back on track to release new music, both as an individual artist and with the group. Apostle had been dabbling in some new material, performing live in a more spoken word fashion. It was when he met KRS-One, an artist who he not only admired but who helped shaped his own style, when he was fired up to release not one, but two new albums.

“I remember the exact day,” Apostle recalls, “It was December 7th, 2002.” It had been almost ten years since KRS had been in Denver, and he would perform that night at the Ogden (after he finally found the damn place – those who waited for him know what I’m talking about). Although Apostle would typically sit in the back of any venue to observe a given artist’s style, he was front and center for this particular performance, mouthing the words to every song. When one of the roadies came to the merch booth later that night, Apostle gave him his card and told him about his musical style and his involvement in the coalition. It was then that the roadie led Apostle back to meet the man who inspired him. “I was all out of breath and nervous talking to him. But after we exchanged words, he said he wanted me to know him not as KRS-One, but as Chris, and said he would get in touch with me.”

Apostle had heard that a hundred times before when meeting other hip-hip stars, but when he got an email from Chris, he thought, “Holy shit. I just sat there reading it about 380 times for over an hour. I figured we’d never talk again. But he said he’d been to my site and that he was looking for a Colorado rep to be on board for his Temple of Hip-hop.”

Since then, Apostle helped to book some of his recent performing and speaking engagements in Colorado, and has plans to make the resort rounds when Chris comes back here in the March timeframe. Chris continued to inspire him to release new music, “I thought, ‘Here he is 38 years old, still doing hip-hop and touring. I’m 34. I’m not too old to keep doing what I love. And basically it was because, believe it or not,” he says laughing, “people have been bugging me for a new album.”

So next year, expect to hear and see him a lot more. His concept album, Intelligent movement, is made up four story lines – Rebellion, Self Awareness, Compassion and Revelation. Using some of the guys from Heavy Dub, the album is expected to have a deep, reggae groove.

The Heavy Weight Dub Champion album Rise of the Champion, will be released on their own label, Champion Nation Recording around the same time – towards the first half of next year. Their next performance will be at Trilogy on December 5.



The rumor mills are still churning about the Riff Halloween show at Fat City…the fight over money, the arrest and pointing fingers. Reno Divorce was there, playing for the first time in a while. Between the early morning lane fight and the drummer Andrew’s shoulder popping out, it was definitely a scary night. “Yes, some crazy things went down,” Andrew comments, “and we still don’t know exactly what. No one who knows anything is talking!”

Andrew was a trooper and still played the show after they pulled a little Lethal Weapon action and got his shoulder back in place. “We hit the stage as scheduled and proceeded to rock the hell out of Fat City. Shoulder is doing better now after a week of rest, painkillers, ice, and a visit to the Doc (who didn’t bill me because I have no insurance- Thanks!), but man did it hurt for about a week afterwards. As for the rest of the rumors from this show, we can’t really say anything until the smoke has cleared.”

Onward…Reno Divorce has three under 21 shows coming up in November, one coming up the Stunt Doubles, Dr. Neptune and Thurster at the Boulder Theater on the 15th, and another with Agnostic Front and The Downs on the 28th at the BlueBird. On December 6 they’ll hit the Larimer Lounge show with King Rat and the Stunt Doubles, then are on to more shows next year and new material. “Oh yeah, did I mention that part? We’re playing a couple new songs out right now, so hopefully you guys will dig those,” says Andrew.

They also have Mark “Aquaman” “Professor Boyardee” “Smiley” Appleby playing guitar to make them a foursome once again.


Many of you probably remember me from Art Splash, a unique art event that took place this summer at 32 Bleu. With the success of that show, Gwin Coleman is currently organizing another show that will take place at 32 Bleu again on December 3, 2003, this time with a theme – Art Wars -Art vs. Art.

This is what Gwin is looking for: Artists, musicians, poets and performance artists to be a part of the show. I am also looking for 6-8 artists to participate in an interactive creation. I will provide a color palette and one canvas to each artist. You will create one masterpiece during the evening of the show at the venue. Half way through the night (9:30-10ish)) you will submit your masterpieces that you have created. We will auction these pieces of starting at $50. What ever is not auctioned off will be given to the wheel of death, which will decide its fate….basically…be destroyed on stage. It’s art for artsake.

I am requiring a $15.00 submission fee from artists and a 15% commission fee on anything sold. This does not include the auctioned off pieces. Musicans, poets and performance artists do not have to pay this fee. The $15 will help to cover artists supplies for the show, along with being donated to FutureSelf. Oh…didn’t I mention that. Yes….all money raised from the show and auction will be donated to FutureSelf, which is a local non-profit organization that provides at-risk youth a means for which to express and explore themselves. They run intensive weekend art workshops for kids they locate through residential and community treatment programs in Colorado Springs. They promote the creative process in the context of commitment, exploration, self-expression and community.

I am also looking for anyone who would like to help sponsor this show. Your $50 or higher donation will get you on the guest list for the show, and get your company’s logo put on posters and cards that are used for promotion. I gave out 5000 cards for the last show and hung up 200 posters around town. Your donation will also get your company’s name and area of business mentioned throughout the night by our MC.

Please feel free to call me or e-mail me if you are interested in participating in this event. For those of you who were not in or at Art Splash, the event brought in 350 people and $1500.00 was raised for Fusion Pointe, a contemporary dance studio located in Colorado Springs. They do everything from Ballet to African Rythym drumming and dance…even belly dancing. Oh and they have artists studios and acting classes too. Neat people!

Deadline for submissions will be need to be no later than November 15, 2003.

Gwin Coleman
Funktion Flux Productions



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