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Another New Band

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Another New Band

A few weeks back, tribute was paid to Jamie Willan, a.k.a. Dirt, the lead singer for metal group Failyerz, who was lost to us earlier this year. Friends and local musicians gathers to play, drink, and celebrate his music. ” Thanks to everyone who came to the DiRT tribute show, we greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure DiRT would have been proud of the turnout,” says drummer, Drew Wright.

Now the members of the group have reformed to keep going down the musical path, but their own music and their own name – Another.
There has been a lot of talk lately about FaiLYeRZ, Another. “We simply feel that having a new name is more suiting,” Drew says of the new line up and music.

“FaiLYeRZ was Jamie’s project from years ago, long before MoZ, JuNK, and [I] came along. We feel that it’s better to let that stay with Jamie rather than trying to continue without him. This is a respect thing. We would never try to carry on Jamie’s vision without him being here,” he explains.

The group felt strongly about moving in a different direction now that their lead singer is gone. “It would simply break our hearts to try and do shows as FaiLYeRZ without DiRT with us. It was hard enough to do the tribute show. We can’t imagine playing sets of FaiLYeRZ songs without looking over and seeing DiRT throwing down with us.”

They’re also adamant that their new lead singer, Jeff, is not trying to fill Jamie’s shoes. “He has the utmost respect for everything we did as FaiLYeRZ and only wants to continue with new songs as our current band. We only want to continue to play music and have a good time…no more, no less.”


In Other News…A new venue opened in Colorado Springs this week called the Navajo Hogan. As one of the few bars in the state that is considered a national landmark, the space is said to be pretty majestic, and they plan to have live original bands four or five nights a week…The Wind Up Merchants are currently in the production phase of their new album and are planning their Midwest tour…On Friday, May 28 at Lion’s Lair, Ian O of Uphollow will be playing new and unreleased Uphollow songs from their forthcoming album, opening for Richard Buckner, who returns to Denver in anticipation of releasing his new record on a new label (Merge)…This past year CueZone Records secured national distribution, which will really come into play as they plan to release four more records from the Front Range in the summer and fall timeframe…The Dope Front will be touring the East Coast starting in May in support of their new album release on CueZone Records, expected out in August…The Mix Tape Show on KS107.5, hosted by Franswa, Kingdom and DJ Chonz is coming to television as a new show, “Eleven.” It airs two times at midnight on TV Sun (channel 12) – Sunday, May 23 and again on Wednesday, May 26.


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