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Aggressive Persuasion Lives Up To Their Name

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Aggressive Persuasion Lives Up To Their Name

The guys and gal in AP are on the move. The band has just released a new CD, A Sense of Reality, snagged an opening slot for Motorhead at the end of April, and have been touring outside of Colorado (what a concept) and plan for another in June. Mesa Boogie has recently endorsed their guitarist. The band as a whole has received a sponsorship from Sik World Clothing and a trial run as a Jager band. Rock on guys!

Colorado Women in Music Hosts the Open Mic for Peace

On the peace front, the last scheduled Colorado Women in Music open mic occurs this Tuesday, March 25 at 8 PM at Club 60 South with their ” Open Mic for Peace.” Mary Beth Abella, the association’s founder and president states, “Due to recent world events and the strong feelings many people have about these events, members of Colorado Women and Music and I have decided to create the space where women and men can express these feelings about the war, whether they be worry, sadness, frustration, anger or hope for peace.” Mary Beth believes that, “Music has always been a wonderful way to vent and to heal and so we thought it fitting to use our last open mic to allow the music to do its job.”

They invite members and nonmembers, women and men, to join them Tuesday for a night of peaceful expression. If you’re interested, they ask you sign up before 8:00PM to, “sing songs that express your feelings about the war or the state of the world or just to be in a community of people who share your hope for peace.”

Colorado Women in Music presents an Open Mic for Peace
Tuesday, March 25 at Club 60 South @ 8 PM
60 South Broadway, Denver
21 and over


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