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Lindsay Kuhn Book Signing at Larimer Lounge – 5:30PM-8PM

At SXSW every year there’s rock poster show called Flatstock, which for those of us the drool over the combination of music and art, it can be extremely painful to the debit card. Rock posters have been featured in documentaries, on our telephone poles, books, within nightclubs and our own homes. Well, did you know Denver has its own rock poster rock star in our midst?

Lindsey Kuhn has been screen printing and designing since his days in Dallas in the ‘80s, using his skills to pay for his skateboarding activities. In the early ‘90s Kuhn switched to creating rock posters for Emo’s and other clubs from Japan to San Francisco. The production didn’t stop when he moved to Denver, coming here for more skateboarding and the snow.


Since then Kuhn has operated his Conspiracy Skateboard company along with continuing to produce signature rock posters under the moniker “SWAMP,” after the skateboard ramp back home that was named so after the mud that surrounded it nine months out of the year.

Kuhn has also been featured in the book, “Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion” as one of the design pioneers in the rock poster world, and in the documentary, “AMERICAN ARTIFACT: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art.”

And now, Kuhn is introducing his own book, “Lure of The Swamp,” which is packed with over 100 full color pages of rock posters and the history of SWAMP/Lindsey Kuhn. He’s holding a book signing at Larimer Lounge tonight (Friday, January 22) at Larimer Lounge starting at 5:30pm until 8pm. Jim Yelenick will be there with his guitar as always, and if you buy a book (only $25) Kuhn will also buy ya a PBR. Art, music and beer. Life doesn’t get any better.

Other news in the SWAMP—over 20 mini posters have been added to his online store,, where you can also buy “Lure of The Swamp.” When you buy the book online, the first 150 sold will include a signed poster of the book’s cover. Lindsey is branching out again, working on a resin toy project called DESTROYRR.

Kaffeine Buzz interview with Lindsey Kuhn in 2002.


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