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Kaffeine Buzz & Bulldog DM Team on SXSW Live Streaming Workshop

Brands are in a current state of flux in how they reach consumers. The ad-blocking Tsunami – which equals 415 million people, or about 22% of the world’s smartphone owners — has thrown off brands’ traditional advertising practices.

Cord cutting has been on the rise with the prominence of millennials, 77 million of them snubbing their noses at consuming traditional media or advertising. Even with Facebook forcing desktop advertisements on ad block users to sustain their business, do you really want to force your brand on an unwilling audience to sustain yours?

On the flipside, the engagement numbers for live streaming are skyrocketing.

Live streaming unlocks untold potential for brands to co-create immersive and engaging experiences in partnerships with agencies and promoters that provide greater value and return versus the traditional ad and promo models. Brand sponsorship of live music has proven to be an excellent platform to “surprise and delight” festival and concert fans. They effectively drive collaborative and participatory engagements with fans in real time and on mobile, the device that never leaves their side.

Kaffeine Buzz and Bulldog Digital Media have teamed on the NEW SXSW 2017 Live Streaming Music and Amplification Workshop, geared for brands, event producers, live event promoters, and festival organizers, to take the audience through a deep dive into best practices, case studies, and real-world applications.

Leading this in-depth workshop is John Petrocelli, the CEO and founder of Bulldog DM, a live streaming digital execution and strategy agency that has worked with a multitude of brands and sponsors, over 40 festivals, and brought the market leader, YouTube, into the live streaming market. Kim Owens, editor and owner of Kaffeine Buzz, will present her research on the growth of live streaming and the powerful impact it’s having on brands’ engagement with music fans.

This week SXSW opened their PanelPicker voting to enable the SXSW community to have their voices heard. CLICK HERE TO VOTE!


The SXSW 2017 Live Streaming Music and Amplification Workshop will cover:

●    The state of Live Streaming – YOY data and trends, social streaming leaders including YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and Snapchat

●    Live Streaming’s Technological Evolution – multichannel, rich UX, mobile and social

●    The business case for Live Streaming events – a dig into the data and trends

●    Live Streaming’s impact on the all the key players

●    Planning for Live Streaming – the formula for creating your game plan

●    Live Streaming Logistics – pulling all the pieces together for a successful activation

●    Case Study – on the ground experience, what was learned, successes and challenges

●    Post-event wrap – reporting, make sense of the data, event review

●    Long-term content strategy – the smart extension of your investment

●    Where is Live Streaming Headed? A look at the future of live streaming, VR 360, and more

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