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Denver’s UMS Hits the 10 Year Marker, Part 3


Having missed Thursday’s UMS due to family obligations, I was pretty excited about heading into the fray of Night Two of UMS last night. Right off the bat, Ideal Fathers killed it as they had at a past UMS gig, sans the need to run through the torrential rainstorm to get to their show on time. At some point I’d love to see with the group have more than closet space in which to play. Carbon Choir delivered an aching and beautiful set at Skylark, and a quick jaunt into The Outfit‘s show was an evening highlight. So on to my picks for tonight, Saturday, July 24.


Tea Cozies
I love when my friends give me their two cents and it’s actually worth more than that. By way of Tyler Danger, his recommendation came in for Tea Cozies, a Seattle foursome that has a reputation for filling venues to capacity and then sucking walkers-by from the street into their set for an impromptu dance-off.

One of my favorite tracks has to be “Boys at the Metro,” which leads with an “I Eat Cannibals” drum line, guitars that slice through cement like a hot knife through butter, and lead vocalist Jessi Reed plucking a bit of piss and vinegar from Justine Frischmann (Elastica).

6:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Floyd’s 99 Barbershops Stage @ TS Board Shop (All Ages)

Eyes and Ears
Life is full of surprises, some that pull the rug out from under you, and others that are more than pleasant. It was a warm night and the boys at the Yellow Bordello were having a party. That was the first time I laid eyes and ears on Eyes and Ears.

The crowded house with crumpled PBR cans strewn on the floor, taped concert posters to the walls and graffiti murals, stumbling patrons and a cloud of smoke that danced above our heads all made for the perfect setting for this group. Even within the confines of that 10’ x 10’ living room space, it felt like we were in a rock stadium. The only thing missing was a sea of lighters, or in 2007, cell phones. Eyes and Ears’ rock cuts to the bone, but you’re more than happy to have the scars of ringing ears post-show.

7:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Floyd’s 99 Barbershops Stage @ TS Board Shop (All Ages)



Blue Million Miles
This Denver band is known for crafting layered musical tapestries, but the band is at their best when they lead the listener down a dark catacomb where ghosts and memories from past lives await.

Take “Through the Branches” with vocals that tremble and rhythms that creep and crawl, twisted together with foreboding lyrics. It looks like Blue Million Miles’ last CD Walls was released in 2008. So either their MySpace is out of date or they are due for a new album.
7:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Club 404 (21+)

Clap Your Hands and say “Fuck Yeah!” Brian Wilson doesn’t have anything on the vocals in Hindershot, hitting the high notes with all the ease of a perfectly executed Hammil Camel, but with lyrics that bite back. “Would you give me your iron lung? / Would you please tame your twisted tongue? I wish I was electric / I’d shock you good.” The guitar hooks and tinges of electro and indie-pop influences are all icing on the cupcake.

I’m definitely going to be pulling my best dance moves when Hindershot hits the stage, or should I say, floor, at Illiterate Magazine. So you best get out of the way or join me. And if I clonk you over the head with my camera, apologies in advance.

8:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at WESTAF Stage @ Illiterate Magazine (All Ages)

Murder Pinchers
After 18 years, Warlock Pinchers is reuniting to play this August 6 (sold out) and 7 (opening: Melvins Light, Buzz and Dale playing as a two-piece) at the Gothic. For anyone who knows of the band, their secret warm-up show at UMS isn’t so secret.

All I can say is get to 3 Kings early; otherwise you probably won’t get in.

11:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Evergroove Stage @ 3 Kings Tavern (21+)
Warlock Pinchers on Facebook

Quick Picks

The Yes We Cans – A Colorado Springs group with a love of crisp white shirts, thin black ties, pop hooks and surf guitar lines. And for making people bop their heads and do the twist.

5:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Evergroove Stage @ 3 Kings Tavern (21+)
Jim Hickox – Denver’s own comedy club and Orange Cat crew has definitely grown in quality over the years, and if Jim Veramyst’s video on Funny or Die is any indication of his other material, he’s a great addition to the puppy litter.

8:00 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Sobo 151 (21+)

Dualistics – Armed with new alt rock tracks off of the band’s freshly released Crimson, including the shining “Only Way to Stay” and the driving “Sabbatical,” Dualistics’ energy will likely surpass the tiny space of the 404.

11:55 PM on Sat, Jul 24 at Club 404 (21+)


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