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David Bowie Gifts Us with ‘I Can’t Give Everything Away’ Video

You know it’s going to be a good day when upon waking and grabbing your mobile (a habit I can’t seem to break, thankfully), a new music video from David Bowie is waiting for your sleepy eyes to gaze upon. Yes, another song in visual form has emerged from the Blackstar album, “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” with the creative component delivered by Jonathan Barnbrook, who was also responsible for the album’s artwork.


Carrying through on the Blackstar esthetic, that typography flies in and out of the screen, lyrics seamlessly flowing in black and white as Bowie’s timeless message is sung.

And then, “…in the final chorus we move to brilliant color, I saw it as a celebration of David,” Barnbrook explained to Rolling Stone, “To say that despite the adversity we face, the difficult things that happen such as David’s passing, that human beings are naturally positive, they look forward and can take the good from the past and use it as something to help with the present. We are a naturally optimistic species and we celebrate the good that we are given.”

Another gift from David Bowie. Indeed another reason to celebrate the good, the great, the ever inspiring.


“I Can’t Give Everything Away” off David Bowie’s album Blackstar is available on iTunes:


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