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Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! – KGNU Fundraiser


There are few television journalists that we can trust. Amy Goodman, an award-winning host of the daily, internationally broadcast radio and television program Democracy Now!, is one of them. The esteemed author of “Breaking the Sound Barrier” returns to Boulder to give a benefit talk for KGNU Community Radio & Fraser Valley Community Media.

When those of us get frustrated with the media asking, “Why are they still covering Lindsey Lohan when they should be covering government financial reform and oversight? Or how some U.S. forces in Afghanistan are killing families in rural villages and making things worse, not better?” we know we can always tune into Democracy Now! and get the truth, the news without the hype.

Taken from her new book, “Breaking the Sound Barrier,” which is a compilation of news stories that ran on the program over the past few years, Amy states a belief that harkens back to the days when journalists like Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Marrow reigned. “It is the responsibility of journalists to go where the silence is, to seek out news and people who are ignored, to accurately and clearly report on the issues — issues that the corporate, for-profit media often distort, if they cover them at all.”

As one of the first journalists to receive the Right Livelihood Award, Amy Goodman comes back to Boulder on Friday, November 5 as part of the fundraiser for KGNU Community Radio 88.5FM & 1390AM and Fraser Valley Community Media. The event starts at 7pm at the Unity Church 2855 Folsom St., Boulder. Tickets are $10 for KGNU Listener Members and $15 for the General Public. A limited number of tickets are available at $120 for a private reception with Ms Goodman.  KGNU broadcasts Democracy Now! weekdays at 7am and again at 3:30pm.

Tickets are for sale in advance by calling 303-449-4885 during business hours.


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