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The Apes, Mr. Pacman – Larimer Lounge, July 3, 2005

The Apes

The Apes, Mr. Pacman
Larimer Lounge
Sunday, July 3, 2005

Delivering their second show of the day in Denver (Larimer Lounge hosted an earlier 21+ BBQ and later a Club Smash hosted event for All Ages) it’s clear from the start that there is nothing safe about The Apes. On stage steps a member of band adorned with a toxic read ski mask gurgling words through an effect laden mic, “Welcome to detention children…” The other members of the band gather around covered in felt appliqués hand sewn onto altered hoodies, macramé sweater vests and leather jackets adorned in woven patterns.

Within a lightning jolt, the beast came alive. The Apes were full bent on collecting troops for their brigade.

The heartbeat of this tribal animal is lead singer Paul Weil, unraveling adventures in lyrics; tearing at the seams the band’s storylines sewn tightly onto his tongue. Throbbing lines of sick bass were delivered in a heavy lead basket by the hands of Erick Jackson as the steam to this intense engine was fueled by charcoal keyboards of Amanda Kleinman. She creates the ground work for an intense wall of organ that fell around drummer Jeff Schmid’s drum set as he lead the rhythm behind the carnival of insanity.

The ApesThe Apes worked as a unified mission with an ebb and flow that moved towards the world they have created in their imaginations. As a joined unit they built an intense rock fortress around a frightening castle hit by psychedelic thunderstorms and defended by a Deep Purpled/Iron Butterflyed dragon. Live, this band is able to hold it together…their songs don’t follow a safe pattern. You could be pulled to dance in moments or find yourself just staring at the performance in front of you as your head bobs to the sound waves. Bells and tambourines shaken like firecrackers adorned their sets, rolling through a number of tracks from their latest album Baba’s Mountain and a few from their earlier release on Birdman Records.

At the end when the energy subsided and brows were shaken dry (mine and theirs), I turned to my friend who I had invited to experience her first Apes show. With the obvious question on my face she answered with an out breath, “Hold me, please.” And I did. With a firm grip I welcomed her to the land of The Apes.


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