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SXSW Recap: Deep-Dive Live Streaming Workshop for Promoters and Brands

Big thanks goes out to all those that attended our SXSW Workshop providing a Deep Dive into Live Streaming and it’s impact on Brands, Promoters, and Fans, and a ton of gratitude goes out to the SXSW folks for helping us make it happen. For those of you that want a refresh of the session or for all the folks that couldn’t make it, here are the slides from the presentation along with the recording of the entire workshop.


John Petrocelli, CEO and founder of Bulldog Digital Media, led the workshop with a past history and present state of live streaming. It began with the aquisition of a live streaming agency by AEG Live in 2009, which was able to build “a largely external facing services company that went on to power the most watched and most innovative live streams in history at the time.”

This included the Oscars, the Grammys, the Masters golf tournament, along with TED conferences, E3, all of MTV’s live events, including those that were only viewable online, like the Spike Video Game Awards, and a number of other tent pole events. After evangelizing live streaming to Google and YouTube to marry the video component together with the analytics factor to track engagement, Petrocelli’s AEG team pulled off a winning live stream of the Alicia Keyes concert in New York City. What followed was the success in the area of branded live stream events, American Express Unstaged.

As the ecosystem of live streaming grew along with the engagement time of viewers, Petrocelli moved on from AEG to launch Bulldog Digital Media, which has been dedicated to servicing artists, agencies, promoters, and brands. He offered a number of live streaming activation examples, some of which were provided in video form for attendees to see, such as the Snickers Super Bowl commercial, during the workshop.



Next, Bulldog’s COO, Peter Kahn, went into the logistics of live streaming production planning, the before, during, and after details that all parties involved – promoter, brand, and agency – should be aware of to understand timelines, budgets, and resources required. This included hurdles that still need to be overcome when utilizing platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope. Peter also explained Bulldog’s role in the 36-hour long Snickers Super Bowl commercial and how he worked behind the scenes.

I followed with part three of the workshop, presenting statistics around the potential for today’s live streaming content creators to move further into a content marketing framework. How consumers are tuning out traditional advertising at the same time that content of all forms – television, film, sports, and music – is becoming available on demand and in real time on their mobile devices. How consumers are then tuning into music and streamed entertainment in growing numbers, showing positive affiinity towards those brands that support and align themselves with the experiences that fuel fans’ passion. And how immersive experiences like live streaming VR are opening doors for new forms of storytelling where the new metric of attention is thriving.
Here are a few more live streaming examples presented, which you will only hear during the workshop recording:


The next day, Peter Kahn flew right out of Austin and onto the next live streaming activation for Bulldog DM, the Vive Latino festival presented by Coca-Cola. With three channels of live streaming planned for a total of 69 hours, for the first time this year, Vive Latino also included 20 hours of live streaming in virtual reality and 20 hours of 360 video on YouTube, along with running live streams on Facebook Live and Twitter.


It’s still early days for the 2017 festival season and there are many more live streaming and branding news and stories to come. This includes interviews with Coca-Cola on their sponsorship of Vive Latino, VantageTV, the VR provider for Vive Latino and Coachella, and Springboard, who has played a part in live streaming for Coachella and Austin City Limits. All these and more will be included in the State of Live Streaming report coming in April.


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