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Royal Blood – Governors Ball 2015 Highlights

Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher in the UK’s Royal Blood were making quite a stir in their home country, but it didn’t take long for their reputation for heavy riffs and larger-than-life live sets to penetrate the states, especially after their shows at SXSW 2014.

The Governors Ball crowd were indeed blown about by the two blokes on stage blasted them with the power of five or more players, ripping through one song after another from their self-titled release last year on Warner Brothers. They’re in good company. None other than Jimmy Page is a fan, “They were fantastic. Absolutely riveting, they’re such fine musicians. Their album has taken the genre up a serious few notches.”

Indeed. With elegance and finesse they blast through walls on “Come On Over,” “Little Monster” and “Figure It Out,” and even on what would be considered more mellow tracks, such as “You Can Be So Cruel,” that carnal, almost animalistic pulse still beats.

Even though Kerr and Thatcher have proven themselves to be serious musicians, they lightheartedly banter with the crowd, who eat it up. They joked about the rising heat in New York on the last day of Gov Ball, where we all got a reprieve from the rain, but yes, at the cost of rising temperatures.

Well, the British boys have more hotness in store as they come to The Farm to play Bonnaroo on Friday, June 11. They continue to tour through the summer, hitting the road with the Foo Fighters in the UK, which includes Wembley Stadium (June 19 and 20), and BT Murrayfield Stadium (June 23), and in the US and Canada starting in July 6.


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