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Music Glue Showcase & Digital Perspectives CMU Panel – Canadian Music Week

In 2016, Canadian Music Week will showcase over 1,000 bands in the 10-day run of the music festival. And while all the musicians are playing their hearts out at night, during the day the business side of music is being discussed and intelligence shared during the 3-Day Music Summit, May 5-7, with executives and performers alike taking part in panels, keynotes, interviews, networking opportunities and workshops, covering social media, live touring, technology, and the global world of creation.

This year, CMU, known for music business news, research, reports and digital trends the year ‘round (including a highly recommended weekly podcast) will be leading key sessions, aptly named, CMU Insights@CMW.

Friday, May 6 features Digital Perspectives with CMU’s MD & Business Editor, Chris Cooke, conducting interviews with Charles Caldas, CEO, Merlin Network, England; Jeremy Silver, Director, Mediaclarity Digital Ltd, UK; and Mark Meharry, Founder & CEO, Music Glue, UK. The conversations will focus on how digitally-focused businesses and platforms are impacting the music model and artists’ careers, from direct-to-fan, and ticketing, to streaming and content curation.

With offices in London, New York and Sydney, Music Glue has shifted power within the music model, enabling bands and artists to have complete control over their own data, the coveted piece of the music business pie. Their direct-to-fan online store delivers the backend processing and platform for bands to sell all their goodies – music, merch, tickets, and limited-edition whatevers – domestically and internationally, supporting international currencies and languages, and on multiple device types. Offering set up for free while taking only a 10% commission on sales, Music Glue touts Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Lucy Rose, Public Service Broadcasting, and Laura Marling as clients.

On Thursday, May 5, Music Glue will host a CMW Showcase at Underground at The Drake, including UK talent Broken Hands, Dan Bettridge, and Holly Macve.

The night will be a mix of music styles, with Broken Hands bringing the balls-to-the-wall rock show; captivating, dark beauty from Tusks; Dan Bettridge channeling southern American rhythm and blues from 50+ years ago; and Holly Macve, an old-soul songstress that performed her vintage, country-inspired style for NPR Music during this year’s SXSW (she may have even made a few people cry…in a good way).




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