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Kaffeine Buzz Launch Party – 08.17.02 @ The Red Room, Denver

Kaffeine Buzz

I’m going to blatantly steal an old saying, “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” So I will let them speak for themselves with just a little 2 cents thrown in.

I will say that last Saturday’s party, “Buzzin’ on a Bali Hai” was a night filled with great food, drink, and conversation. Some people swapped numbers, others bared asses. But all in all, the launch was a takeoff a group of people gathering together to bond in so many way, business, pleasure, or both. We have an amazing number of creative minds and souls in Colorado – from musicians and artists, to audio technicians and production professions, label and store owners, to a business diva who regularly throws the best Burlesque show in the state.

Here are just a few stolen moments…


Kaffeine Buzz Party

The night starts with our infamous “Surfer On Acid” shots to toast the start and continuation of many beautiful friendships, and a night where will need to be reminded again and again why he wore his Buckwheat wig. Unfortunately, we never had an answer for him.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Before things go too wacky with naked people, there was a lot of business discussion going on, including bands such as Reno Divorce and others checking out Scott’s portable audio system, where he demonstration his ability to record quality live shows in any venue and in any environment with a plug, or a Flintstones rig of squirrels and a treadmill.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Sissy (right), bass player for the Tarmints, enjoys the tasty martinis with her drinky buddy. She’s also wondering why her friend is grabbing her ass.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Once again, Ejay (left in blue) is boofed again by the funniest knock, knock joke. Ejay is such a happy guy, it really doesn’t take much.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

The jokes continues as Dao and the others dare me to use the latest fashion trend, Superglue Supergloss lipstick.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Kudos got out to Brett Johnson, who endured the slurring announcements of the raffle prize give-aways that landed in the middle of his funky house set. You can’t see it, but he’s flipping me off with his right hand. Sorry Brett.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

After my cousin Louis cursed me for not letting him know exactly what a Tiki Theme attire was, and that it did not include Waikiki tourist garb, he was able to enjoy himself. Oh, and the five martinis helped as well. But it didn’t keep his girlfriend Laura and the rest of us from giggling at his expense.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

After driving straight from into Denver from a gig in Salt Lake City and landing at the Red Room, the guys from D.O.R.K. arrive with bells on. To show my gratitude for their devotion and endurance, I let them know they could have my friend Jennifer (left) as a party favor. But in the flurry of the party activities, I kinda forgot to tell her. Hey, if she can survive being on the show, The Mole, she can handle a group of punk rock guys with her eyes closed…so to speak.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Dao swears he knows the words to “I’m Your Tiny Dancer,” but Tiffany and the rest of us will disagree and beg him to stop singing.

Kaffeine Buzz Party

Andrew (left) is just not diggin the “I love ya man” group hug. Maybe I forgot to wear deodorant.

Kaffeine Buzz PartyThe night starts winding down and Jen is spent after her romp with the guys. She sent them running with their tails between their legs, so to speak, and it’s now time for a little R&R with another buddy, J. Love, radio personality from Detroit (another long time friend from San Jose). Believe it or not, we kept going even after the 2am pumpkin strike of the clock. Leonard and Ejay from MileHighHouse got us to go to the Tea Party, a monthly after hours place at the Tea Emporium. We dragged some of the party with us and went to the early hours of the morning before heading to Denver Diner for some sustenance.

Many, many thanks:

– to everyone who came, drank and danced

– to Laura for baring her ass to win Thrifty Stick and Suburban Home schwag

– to Jennifer and John who jumped in and helped with the party decor, and for creating on the fly comedy skits that had me rollin’ (and to the man Jen scared with her ugly prop teeth)

– to all our party sponsors for their contributions, including Kevin from Go Fast for meeting me in a back alley to “get the goods”

– to Craig at the Red Room for creating the fabulous feast

– to Tiffany at the Red Room for putting up with our drunk ass antics with a smile

– for Brian at the Red Room who was present and standing even with his back injury

– to Ejay and the crew for some great and groovin’ tunes

I can’t say enough about all the great support and love that was bellowing out of the Red Room that night. It was an amazing experience, and we hope to do it again next year. All the stress and phone ear was so worth it…


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